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The artistic project MoV invites people to create performances based on an event format that goes back to a remarkable performance 300 years ago in Vienna, Austria...


1 question  +  4 speeches  +  art  +  1 conclusion   =   MoV performance




accademia di dame

On 15 November, 1697, a remarkable event took place at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria:

five women participated in a rhetorical competition, in which they were to debate whether it is more important to build one’s life based on merit or to rely on luck.

This event, known as accademia di dame, is an extraordinary and rare example of a Baroque performance shaped and conducted explicitly by women who appeared both as musicians and as the authors and presenters of their speeches.

The project Method of Vienna draws on the thesis that this historic event may be an attractive communication format for today´s audience — as a new convergence of art and research—and searches for solutions to transfer the historical format into the present.

Fortuna or Merito?

programme of the historical event 
date: 15 November 1697

place of performance: Vienna, Austria

question: Fortuna or Merito, Merito or Fortuna? Is it more important to earn one´s own merit in life or to rely on luck?
institution: Viennese Court

original MoV format

 music & presentation of the question
1st speech
2nd speech
3rd speech
4th speech


For more information see: Pumhösl, Susanne (2014), Intramezzo di Musica in una Accademia di Dame. Kommentierte Edition einer literarischen Akademie, Wien 1697, Dr. phil. Dissertation, Universität Wien.

(c)Marion Gartler
© Susanne Abed-Navandi

(c) M. Gartler



speeches and art

© Susanne Abed-Navandi

MoV format

1 question + 4 speeches + art + 1 conclusion  = MoV performance


I realize a MoV performance by selecting a theme, then linking four speeches with art contributions, thus creating a network of speeches and art.

Music, dance, poetry, visual arts – everything artists consider art –
slip between four speeches into the role of catalysts. At the end there is a summary,
a decision or a final artistic contribution.

© Susanne Abed-Navandi


MoV: a novel approach to connect people

Method of Vienna events can be used

  • as a pedagogical tool

  • as an entertaining tool for rest and recreation

  • as a new platform or concert format for science, politics and art.

As soon as you have found four speakers willing to present their points of view on a selected question, you can start to create a MoV performance.

MoV events can be realized as performances for companies, private communities such as friends or families, as well as within public institutions and conferences.

Method of Vienna can be considered as an invitation to celebrate different points of view in the presence of artists who build a framework for different speeches and contribute to the event with their chosen tools of art.

A novel approach to connect people embracing art as a catalyst between disparate views on current topics.


Method of Vienna merely offers the format –

you choose the content.

© Susanne Abed-Navandi

Welcome to contact Method of Vienna!



© Susanne Abed-Navandi

Sommersemester 2024 
Projektstart Accademia di Dame 1697 an der MUK 

05.02.2024  New article online!
Abed-Navandi, S. (2024). The story of Method of Vienna (MoV) or exploring the epistemic idea of rethinking with a rediscovered concert format,
Research Catalogue

12.03.2024 Vienna, Austria

Echoraum / Nachhall #9 im Frau*feld

"Musik & Geld: Was kostet Kunst?"

12.12.2023 / Vienna, Austria
Echoraum / Nachhall #7 im Frau*feld
"Musik & Geschichte" 

26.09.2023 / Vienna, Austria
Echoraum / Nachhall #7 im Frau*feld
"Musik & Technik" 

13.06. 2023 / Vienna, Austria
Echoraum / Nachhall #6 im Frau*feld
"Musik & Stille: Much ado about nothing.
What´s the relation of music & silence?

14.03.2023  / Vienna, Austria 
Echoraum / Nachhall #5 im Frau*feld

"Musik & Macht: Wer bestimmt darüber, was gehört wird?




Susanne Abed-Navandi

performer * teacher * performance trainer

Vienna, Austria

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© Susanne Abed-Navandi

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